Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Brits Update

Well the 13 Infantry, 3 Bren carriers, M3 half track and White Scout car have all been gunked*. Tomorrow after the Bell Rock fireworks (assuming no down pour) the vehicles will get their drybrush of Catachan green to dull them down again and then the little white stars painted on (I think they look like Meeples but they look starry enough from a distance). The infantry will get a spray of dull cote and then comes the basing.

God I find basing so tedious and yes I know it defeats the purpose if you put all the work into painting the figs only to then stick them onto a bit of card painted green but it is sooooooo boring. I guess the feeling is that when you get to the basing stage the figures are done and you want to move on to the next lot. It's a patience thing and I guess by that time my patience is starting to wear a little bit thin.

For the Brits, I'm using sand pva'd onto mdf bases which is then given a scorched brown wash and then a bleached bone drybrush. The flock is actually little tufts from MiniNatur which Mr Tulloch introduced the club to when basing his Mexicans etc. Things have come a long way from sticking figures on cut up beer mats and slapping some green coloured sawdust on.

I think the look is okay but I rarely go to town on my bases. I really just want to get the damned things finished.

gunked* - the magic fluid. A home made version of the Army Painter dip and at a fraction of the price. Shades the figs while giving them a gloss coat. Courtesy of Gordon, who if he had patented the idea when he first thought of it might have been sitting on a small fortune by now.........

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