Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Podcasts and Bonnie Tyler

Well the next batch Brits that I have blogging about are finally done:-

I think I have been a bit heavy handed with the mud splashes on the vehicles but they are done now and I'm not re-doing them again. So the final base of infantry and another 2 M3 half track's have now been undercoated ready for me to start on.

So why the title for this post?

Well it is all Ruaridh's (or Ruarok on the Kirriemuir Wargames Club Forum) fault. I really got back into the painting gig  a couple of years back when Ruaridh mentioned he had been listening to a Podcast about Warhammer. Firstly I didn't even really know what a Podcast was (I didn't own an iPod let alone an iPhone) and why was someone doing one about Warhammer? So after being shown what to do with iTunes and how to download these curious audio files on iTunes I started listening to Jeff Carroll and his musings on all things Warhammer. And it was really good too (at least the early episodes were). And it was fine and easy to listen to a Podcast while I sat at the painting table and started tackling my first battalion of British Napoleonic Infantry which Santa had bought me that year via Mr Victrix.

"The 3rd Regiment of Foot - The Buffs"

And after listening to a few Podhammer episodes I started to discover more and more podcasts- all about this crazy hobby of ours. I really enjoyed Big Troy MacAuley's "This Week in Wargaming" (sadly defunct now - somebody else took on TWiW but it just wasn't the same without Big Troy) but also found such gems as Neil Shuck's "Meeples and Minatures" and the guys at "Worlds End Radio".

As Jeff and Podhammer started to become a bit less Warhammer orientated and more about Jeff's personal life I stopped listening but by that time 2 British based podcasts about Warhammer were on the go - Bad Dice and Heelan Hammer so I subscribe to them as well.

And then there are the guys at 3 Die Block which is a podcast about possibly the best boardgame Games Workshop ever  produced - Blood Bowl!!

So with the guys on the podcasts chatting away about whichever bit of the hobby they are interested in it's a lot easier to motivate myself to sit down at the table and start painting. Occasionally I will put on some music, if  I am up to date with the podcasts- I listen to a mix of stuff though no modern crap but I can't watch a DVD or the telly when I am painting - too distracting.

So why Bonnie Tyler?

Well it reminded me of the painting sessions me and some of the guys of Dundee University Wargames and Roleplaying club used to hold - usually in Herbie's room (that wasn't his real name but somehow us ickle firsties were given nicknames by the older guys in the group - mine was Garfield (after the cartoon cat) - don't ask why - I'm not really sure I ever knew the answer to that question but the names stuck). Anyway, almost every painting session Herbie would put on a tape of Bonnie Tyler's album "Faster than the Speed of Night". He did own some other tapes but they were all crap so Bonnie would always come on and warble away in the background while we painted and drank numerous cups of coffee with very iffy milk and had cheese on toast - ah those were the days.

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  1. Nice job on the Brits Dave, and the mud splashes look fine. Ok it must have been heavy rain the day before.