Monday, 31 January 2011

As fast as a speeding tortoise

Actually, I should qualify the last statement in the previous post.

The Brits are coming.......... eventually.

As will no doubt be garnered if these ramblings continue is that I am not the quickest painter of figures in the world (as testified by the 30 odd years it took to complete the unit of Red Orcs below).

Which is a source of frustration as well as tho I am not a completely rubbish painter (and I say that humbly and with the knowledge that others have praised my painting) neither am I anywhere as good as our Mr Dave Tulloch who even on 10mm can produce exquisitely painted figures. I'm sort of, well, average, and with that and the time it takes me to produce anything can be quite depressing bearing in mind the stacks of unpainted lead and plastic that are stacked in the various cupboards of my wargames room.

The aforementioned Brits arrived last Wednesday and the 4 stands shown in the previous post are that all that have been finished so far with another 13 infantry, 3 bren carriers, M3 half track and a White Scout car in various stages of completion. Gordon would have painted a whole armoured battalion in the same time but ho hum, guess I'll just have to soldier on (if you pardon the pun) doing what I'm doing

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  1. I might have had them painted but up close you'd see the difference in paint jobs. Mine are meant to be viewed at about 3 feet away (where all the mistakes and ommisions are invisible).

    If you really want to reduce the lead mountain just remember the great advice of Pete Berry talking about his 6mm stuff "Paint the Unit not the Figures". And think of the distance you'll normally be looking at them at. Now just SLAP some paint on a figure, hold it at arms length, does it look good enough, then yer dun!!!