Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Where it all happens

In a wargaming sense that is....

Here is my room, dedicated to the playing of wargames - although it quite often doubles as a laundry and ironing room :-(

The painting table is set up so that 2 can sit at it and paint away to their hearts content. The right wall is lined with 4 bookcases and extensions filled with my books, boardgames, figures and magazines (including every issue of White Dwarf Magazine since issue 1) and just out of picture on the left hand side are another 3 cupboards filled with games and figures.

The floor space allows me to set up an 8 x 4 board pretty easily, anything wider would be a wee bit of a squeeze as the room is only 10ft wide, albeit 19ft long. In our old house I could at a push put up a 12ft x 6ft board. But it was pretty cold in my old room which was in the attic of our old house. Just now the room smells vaguely of varnish as the Brits dry after their spray coat

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