Monday, 28 March 2011

Some Painted Plastic Soldier Company Ltd Germans (and 1 Brit!)

Well, the paintbrush has been out to see what a coat of paint adds to these figures. I had already undercoated some of the German Infantry when the box of Brits arrived, so I churned these out quickly so Reader Health Warning!! These are no Golden Demon entries!

The MG42 team.
The Oberleutenant

MP40 man

Advancing cautiously

Open Fire!

It will take me ages (as usual) to finish the whole box of Germans so I thought I would do a sample Brit as well

And repeating the pose from my earlier post Plastic Soldier Company Limited 1/72nd Scale Late War British Infantry 1944-1945

My painting style is pretty basic and relies on block colours, dip and then a dry brush before applying a matt varnish spray. My mate GordonY from gordonsgaming. is a great believer in the philosophy that you are looking at figures on a gaming table from say 3ft away and you should paint them accordingly and I'm trying to wean myself off the notion that I have to paint on every last button/ belt buckle etc otherwise my lead/ plastic mountain will never diminish. Some people are gifted and can produce beautifully painted figures quickly - I can only look on their work in awe!

And I must get myself a decent camera!!!


  1. Good figures and nothing wrong with the painting.

  2. Thanks Fran! If I could only churn them out a bit quicker then I might actually get some gaming done with them.

  3. Yep you just need to get into the 3ft mindset Dave, iffen yer caint see it 3ft away, dont paint it, or leave it black.

    What ruleset you basing this lot for anyway Dave? I'm sure I have a rather large box of 20mm WW2 stuff sitting somewhere.

  4. I thought u had sold all your 20mm stuff to Bob Lauder???

    These guys are a lot smaller than the Valiant figs that we have Gordon hence the dilemma as to which lot to keep.

    As you know I have Rapid Fire and Disposable Heroes but also have I Ain't Been Shot Mum by the Lardies and have been toying with giving them a try

  5. Hmm Disposable, well theyre so disorganised that I'd, well, dispose of them.

    Rapid Fire, well its a damn nice skirmish set pretending that its a brigade level game.

    IABSM, I've got them and on several occasions threatened to do something with them, but they read well and do promise the kind of chaos that I like in a wargame.

    of the 3 I think you should be looking at the Lardy rules, but thats my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions.