Friday, 3 February 2012

Byzantine Cavalry

As mentioned way back in my post "Favourite Units of Mine No.4" during my first year at Dundee University, I bought my first Ancients Army - a Nikephorian Byzantine army (for WRG 6th Edition rules).

(Don't ask me why the General figure's head is almost turned 180 degrees to the rear - that's the way he was cast!!)

The figures were made by Asgard Miniatures (long since gone although the castings are still available from an American company - The Viking Forge) and stood a lofty 18mm tall, which towered above the paltry 15mm figs that my mates were using in their Carthaginian and Roman Armies. Alas as related in said post, I had a bittersweet love affair with the Byzies, they never quite did the byziness for me over the years that I fought with them either at 6th Ed or DBM and DBA.

However, once bitten, I knew I could never give the Byzies up and a couple of years back Santa brought me the Thematic Byzantine army pack produced by Gripping Beast.

As usual, due to my snail like pace of painting, it took me ages to finish the first unit - Byzantine Skutatoi, and then the Byzies took a seat on the back burner. However, with my new found painting zeal, I have made a start on the cavalry, well okay 2 of them -

So 2 down, 26 to go.


  1. The two so far look good. I know what you mean about painting speed, mine is pretty slow too. But it's the quality not the quantity that counts. :-)

  2. Well, I've been painting at a snails pace this year as well, scores on the doors are bought 310, painted 280, all 10mm of course.

  3. They really look good. Congrats. I'm not sure I could do as good as this for a 28mm

  4. Those are great well done really like the basing!