Sunday, 17 April 2011

Two Seater Mayhem

The Two Seater string bags were on patrol on Saturday night at Angus Wargames Club as I got in a few more games of Wings of War.

First up were the dastardly Brits with a DH4 and RE8 on a bombing mission, escorted by a Sopwith Camel, under the command of Bob M. Desperately defending the German top secret Sausage making factory was myself with a couple of Fokker DRI's and Bruce who was commanding a couple of Albatross V's.

The Warmongering Imperialists out to destroy the manufactory of that pride of the German nation - the Bratwurst.

The Valiant defenders

The two air fleets close in, the German plan to catch the aggressors in a classic pincer movement and approach the Two Seaters in their blind spots (the flanks of the aircraft).

First blood to the Valiant defenders, the Camel of Flying Officer Percy Cumberland takes a thumping from Lt. Hans Von Blutwurst, the Camel going on fire and has to draw damage cards on each of the next 3 turns. In the centre, the British Two seaters drone on towards their target.

Disaster for the Germans!!! The Albatross of Hauptmann Otto Der Knackwurst explodes after receiving a very lucky, long range shot from the gunner of the British DH4, Flying Officer Harry Saveloy.

Some unfortunate low cloud slightly confused the Brave German Pilots and the British put some distance between themselves and their pursuers (in other words I completely cocked up my manoeuvres for that turn).

The Schweinhund Bombers perform their bombing run over the Factory (which looks suspiciously like a Wings of War promotional flyer).

The Bombers make their desperate break for home while the Albatross of Lt. Heinrich Von Frankfurter and the DR I of Hauptmann Ernst Van Leberwurst close in. Cumberland's Camel hurries to the aid of the beleaguered Bombers.

Bang goes Cumberland's Camel as it fall's to the guns of Frankfurter's Albatross! But it was too little to late for the Germans as the Bombers managed to keep their nerve and reach the heavy cloud (that is the table edge) and lost their pursuers.

The RE8 of Flying Officers Herbert Banger and Tommy Mash took 9 damage cards during the game yet only suffered a measly 3 damage points!!

The Germans could not allow this insult to the nation go unpunished and accordingly, in the second game of the evening, launched their own bomber attack with Bruce commanding the Ufag C.I. of Hauptmann Freidrich Crackenjacken and his gunner Lt. Johann Shootentooten and myself commanding 2 Albatrosses. Bob M commanded the craven Brits with another Sopwith Camel and a Nieuport 11 and this time he was assisted by Craig who commanded a Sopwith Snipe, in only his second game of Wings of War - however, no weakness would be shown by the German Pilots who were determined to avenge the earlier bombing of the factory and prove to the Brits why their pilots were nicknamed "The Twenty Minuters".

Some expert flying from Ober Lt. Georg Borg in his Albatross brought Lt. Peter Pratt's Camel into prime shooting range. The Nieuport of Captain Pierre La Bousse drifted out of the action as a result of receiving severe rudder damage from Borg's Albatross in the previous turn. The Snipe of Captain Johnny Naemates foolishly flew in front Crackenjacken's Ufag with predictable results.

Naemates' Snipe on fire and in serious trouble, Pratt's Camel receives a sustained burst of fire from Shootentooten in the Ufag, which makes it's serene way on to the bombing target.

It's curtains for Pratt in the Camel. Shootentooten administers the killing blow.

Ignoring the peril of his own aircraft being on fire, Brave German Pilot, Hauptmann Conrad Getzseswein pours a burst of bullets into the hapless Snipe.

And Shootentooten finishes off the Snipe just as La Bousse's Nieuport decides he better re-join the fray.

The Nieuport and the Ufag exchange fire.

But the result was inevitable. Shootentooten holds his nerve and aim and sends La Bousse and the Nieuport to their fate.

So another couple of enjoyable games with the Wings of War rules set. I really am regretting not picking this up sooner. Anyone with a spare set they would like to donate at little or no cost to a worthy cause i.e. me??


  1. Totally love Wings of War,

    I have a stack of planes myself and have been carrying them around in the car just incase 1 of our games ends early and we can get a couple of hours flying time. Unfortunately we haven't managed a game for almost a year now :-(
    Nice report.

  2. Great post! Great photo's. We've not played Wings of War, but it may well be on the cards sometime soon, fingers crossed.

  3. Looks like a splendid game! Dog fighting is always nice!

  4. I liked that, sounds like a good game for very little models but sorry mate no joy for having a spare set but wouldn't mind one spare set myself if someone sends you two:P