Saturday, 9 April 2011

Shameless Self Publicising Miniatures Give Away

Dear Reader,

I'm heading off for a few days R & R, in the tranquil setting of Newton Stewart in Dumfries and Galloway. As such, although I will have some access to the Internet through my phone, blogging is going to be difficult, not having ready access to a PC.

I have been overwhelmed by the number of hits this blog has received since I started it at the end of January. I didn't really know what to expect when I started - in fact I am quoted in the Kirriemuir Wargames Club Forum that "I didn't have time to paint figures let alone write about them".

But I am extremely flattered that many people have taken the time from numerous places around the Globe to visit and also by the comments that have been left by people to the various posts.

Soooooo, by way of thanks and also to keep the interest in the blog going while I am out of Blogging range, I have some figures to give away.

First up is a sprue of ACW Zouave Command Figures by Perry Miniatures which was the Freebie handed out in this months Miniature Wargames

I have absolutely no interest in the American Civil War period, although I know it is both a fascinating and tragic period in American history but gaming the period just does nothing for me.

Secondly is a couple of Ghouls from Mantic Games

I had toyed with doing a Vampire Counts Army for Warhammer 8th but, that I think is a forlorn hope and I have already got a couple of these guys painted up as Blood Bowl Ghouls

So what do you have to do Dear Reader to claim one of these 2 sprues? (not the painted Ghouls, sorry!!)

Well all you need to do is to follow this blog publicly and leave a comment at the end of this post saying  either "Zouaves" or "Ghouls".

Of course,  please feel free to leave any other comment here or on any of my other ramblings (hopefully complimentary!)

When I get back on Wednesday 13 April, then all those people who are following and have commented by 11pm UK time, I will put their names into a bag, cup, thimble (depending on the number of responses) and if your name is drawn, I will send you a message asking for your contact details and I will post you the relevant sprue, anywhere in the Globe. You have to be a public follower, though, otherwise I won't be able to send you a message to ask for your details.

Obviously, I can't take any responsibility for the vagaries of the Postal System but I will undertake to send the figures out to the 2 winners as soon as I have their details, I will do a wee follow up to this post to confirm the outcome of this little wheeze.

See you on Wednesday!!


  1. Enjoy your R and R, see you when you're back.

  2. Hi, I've just stumbled upon your blog following a serie of bloglinks! I've joined your blog and added your blog to my bloglist if your interested in my blog:

    As I'm tempted to buy some of the zouave miniaturesyes and free samples are always nice! :p), I would prefer the zouave command sprue.

    Greets and keep up posting lots of interesting wargame orientated stuff!

  3. Zouaves

    ... have a good time, TY for your blog.


  4. Have a good n, see ya on the 13th

  5. Hi Kingsley, I would love to see what I could do with the ghouls, cheers.

  6. Ooooh so that's what they were. Doubt I'll be using mine... no interest in the ACW.

    Have a good time mate!

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