Sunday, 24 April 2011

PSC v Airfix

Paul of the excellent Paul's Bods blog asked the question in my last post on The Plastic Soldier Company Limited Russian Infantry Heavy Weapons Set how the PSC figures compared with the figures made by Airfix. As I'm always happy to help out a fellow blogger here are some comparison pics.

First up the Russian Figures -

As can be seen, although heightwise the figures are not too bad, the PSC figures (Heavy Weapons guy on the left, Infantry guy on the right) are bulkier and the head size in particular much larger than the slightly built Airfix figure in the centre.

The Maxim teams, with the Airfix model having 3 crew compared to the 2 crew for the PSC model. On the TMP Message Board comment have been made about the pose of the crew in the PSC set being "useless" but interesting to see that PSC that have followed the Airfix set with the kneeling figure. The Airfix Maxim model is pretty basic and not a good model but it does tower above the PSC model which would appear quite small in comparison to the figures

Next up the German Figures -

Again the PSC figure is a lot bulkier than the Airfix figure. Finally, the British Figures -

These are probably the closest in height proportion but again the bulkier figure of the PSC range on the left, stands out. The right hand figure is from the old Airfix British Infantry set, a new set of figures WWII British Infantry Northen Europe is being advertised on the web page but no word of a release date so it will be interesting to see how the new figures size up.

For a really excellent resource on 1/72nd Scale plastic figures you should head over to the Plastic Soldier Review web site. I really can't recommen this site highly enough, it has loads of reviews and information on plastic 1/72nd kits from numerous manufacturers and periods.


  1. Nice review, thanks very much for the comparison. Note though, that Airfix is 1:76 not 1:72. 8) But, sadly, I find the Airfix Soviets too small to stand alongside my Revell and other 1:72 figures and only use them as crews, to denote tank riders, and as casulaties, now. 8( I do use lots of other Arifix figures still, including the British.

  2. Your review is an interesting snapshot of the world today :0). Like the Airfix figures when they were 1st released people were much slimmer and zoom forward 40 or 50 years and like the bulkier PSC figures pretty much all of us are carrying a few extra pounds ;0)
    P.S. I do like the look of the PSC figrues

  3. Nice one, I would go for the PSC myself.