Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Favourite Units of Mine No. 6

New Anglian Confederation Battlegroup

I'm not a particularly big Science Fiction fan but I have always loved Spaceships (who doesn't?). Many many years ago now, I read about the Full Thrust rules produced by Ground Zero Games (GZG) so an order was duly placed for the rules and a couple of their starter fleets, the New Anglian Confederation (NAC)and The Eurasian Solar Union (ESU).

I loved the background fluff of the GZG universe and when the models arrived I was ecstatic. These were finely detailed models (most of the space ship models that I had seen up to that point were pretty uninspiring blobs of metal, although of course, there were exceptions to this - the QT models range for one springs to mind) and for once I actually got ripped in and painted up quite a few of the models, ordered some more and the More Thrust supplement and then nothing.  For some reason I never got the models out onto the table, at least not for a long, long time. Full Thrust as a rule set is a wee bit clunky, with the plotted movement being probably the biggest turn off for potential players. I never thought it a problem but alas it was some years before I eventually got a game with them. Eventually, GordonY at the club started talking about the game and a few games were duly played. Then we discovered Full Thrust Lite and another few games were played, Cammie even bought a massive ESU fleet complete with Super Dreadnoughts and all sorts of wonderful models, painted them all up, but alas they now sit on a box on the floor of my gaming room.

Despite this, when Spartan Games announced they were bringing out their starship combat rules Firestorm Armada, I knew I would have to get the rules (having already purchased their Uncharted Seas rules) so they duly arrived.

And to this day remain unplayed....... Oh bugger.

Anyway here are some pics of the models from the NAC battlegroup. These are the "Old Style" models as GZG re sculpted them a wee while back (we are talking 20 or so years ago when I bought the original models). The new ones are nice, but I think the old ones are better.

Fleet Carrier HMSS Titan

Battleship HMSS Valiant

Escort Cruiser HMSS Constant

Destroyers HMSS Devious, Devout and Devourer

Heavy Fighter Group - these are actually models from Irregular Miniatures as at the time GZG didn't do Heavy Fighters (they do now).


  1. As you said who doesn't like spaceships, dabbled in BFG from Games Workshop for a while, those are really well painted models.

  2. You fancy trying out A Call to Arms rules with those Dave? Rules are just about as simple as Uncharted Seas/Firestorm Armada, no pre-plotting its alternate activations, which is always good. Plus it gives me an excuse to dig out the fleet of pasta-eaters.

  3. Not my thing but very nicely done, a couple of the guys down our club used to play Full Thrust from time to time. I do like Spaceships and rockets though.

  4. @GordonY- happy to give it a look Gordon.

    I'm sure Firestorm plays as easy as US, I just need to sit down and read the rules

  5. Very well painting !! You make a graet work !! as always