Saturday, 13 June 2015

Plastic Soldier Company Ltd T-34 1/72nd scale

A long, long time ago the postman delivered to Kingsleypark Manor

Actually he delivered 3 of these boxes as they were the Russian Tank Brigade Deal that PSC offer the discerning gamer who is looking to build a horde of Russian tanks at comparatively low cost.

Each box contains 3 sprues, 1 tank per sprue

However, PSC rather helpfully include a turret option allowing you to build either the T-34/ 76 1943 version or the T-34/85. 

16 parts in all to build the basic tank with some additional fuel tanks, stowage boxes and track pieces, also there is the option to have a commander figure or you can have the tank "buttoned up" with closed hatches.

Fairly straightforward fit so far. Next come the tracks

Again, nothing too complicated, nice easy fit. Now the top part of the chassis

Hmm, a bit too much daylight can be seen through the chassis for my liking. I know the T-34 had a reputation for being hard to damage but that was more to do with it's oblique armour rather than the shells going through gaps....  So cutting up some bits of sprue and with a dash of glue

Issue solved!

Hull MG and engine grill added, next up the turrets

Normally I stick the turrets on to the model to avoid them falling off in transit/ mid battle, but being a frugal wargamer I thought it would make sense to keep these ones separate and then I could swap them over depending on what scenario I was playing. 

The difference in size is quite noticeable with T-34/85 turret having to make extra room for the massive barrel and loading mechanism

Finished! About 10 minutes work.

A quick spray of PSC's Russian Green Army Spray and a wee bit of detail

Verdict? Nice straightforward kits, easy to put together - they look like T-34's should look. Okay the issue of being able to see through the chassis is a bit of a blot on the copybook but it is easily remedied. The modellers out there will probably want more detail on their kits but I just want something that I can get on the table quickly and these kits do that. 

Two thumbs up!!


  1. Nicely done. I like the fact you hid the daylight. It just makes sense!

    1. I can't possibly comment as to the contortions I had to go through but it does seem to work!!!!

  2. Nice work. I've had that "daylight" issue with fastbuild tanks from a few different manufacturers so it's now something I always check before gluing hulls together. As you've shown, a bit of strategically placed sprue is usually all it takes.

    Cheers, Dave

  3. Thanks Dave. The gaps are certainly not enough of an issue to put me off buying anymore (mind you with 9 tanks in the brigade deal I'm not sure if I need anymore!!)

  4. Thanks for pointing it out. I've never noticed on the PSC kits but it is a neat cure you've come up with. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks SRD. In fairness this is the only PSC kit that I've built so far where it was an issue. Didn't come across it in the Pz IV or Sherman kits