Saturday, 4 June 2011

Favourite Unit of Mine No.9

Yup, it's the Bad Ass dude himself, the one and only Sauron the Great, otherwise known as Thauron, Gorthaur the Cruel, The Deceiver, the Lord of the Earth, the Enemy, the Master, the Dark Power, the Dark Lord, the Lord of Mordor, the Dark Lord of Mordor, the Power of the Black Land, the Black Master, the Black One, the Lord of Barad-dur, the Lord of the Dark Tower, the Shadow, the Great Eye, the Red Eye, the Eye of Barad-dur, the Lidless Eye, the Evil Eye, the Unnamed, the Nameless, the Nameless One, the Nameless Eye, the Lord of the Rings, the Lord of the Ring, the Ring-maker, the Black Hand.

His friends usually just call him Bob.

Question to all you Lord of the Rings players out there -

Does anyone bring this Bad Ass to the table? I mean, he is just one heap of pain (as would be expected for someone who has so many pseudonyms) so do opposing players just bow down and call him Lord and surrender meekly or does a lightning bolt from Eru mean that he is banned from striding across the wargames table like a colossus?

Let me know people!


  1. Like all big guys, his tender parts would be roughly the same size and equally as suseptible to a well aimed size 9 :-D
    Great looking fig...very impressive.

  2. In my evil armies it's very rare that The Great One steps onto the field...but when he does the corpses fall like rain!

  3. Hhmm! What did I write last time??? Very well painted!!
    I painted this figure for my nephew, he's never used it and it's been sitting in a box in my shed for a couple of years!

  4. Scary figure this Bob. Very nice painting