Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Unknown Barbarian

Ok folks, help me out here. I've had this dude in my collection for god knows how many years. I rebased him a wee while back but never thought to take a note of any details on his base as to which manufacturer made him. I know he is definitely not a Citadel Miniature.

He is 28mm tall foot to eye and he is  mounted on a solid base, not a slotta, and he must have been in my collection at least 15 years.

I am hazarding a guess that he is either a Ral Partha or Grenadier sculpt but from what range I haven't a clue.

So Dear Reader, can you help identify this dude's parent and point me in the direction of which company manufactured him??


  1. I thought Ral Partha or Grenadier myself, no clue I'm afraid.

  2. His Parents.? Zora and Conan...
    The manufacturer?..well if Arnies anything to go by, then it must be cyberdine´s a T480

    Sorry...I haven´t a clue :-D

  3. I have one of his cousins. He's from the Grenadier Barbarian Command set (1416) from about 1982 I think. My one has been based so I can't see the copyright dates etc anymore.

    Check out The Stuff of Legends page for heaps of information on older metal figures.

  4. Grenadier barbarian from the fantasy warrior range now produced by mirliton. I have it but mine is sandy haired.

  5. @ModernKiwi & Ganesha - thanks Guys, confirmed as a Grenadier sculpt and now produced in the UK by em4 Miniatures - who also produce the other Grenadier Barbarian sculpts