Wednesday, 18 May 2011

They were Giants - once

Ruarok picked up these figures, unpainted, a couple of years back at the Bring N Buy at the Kirriemuir Wargames Club annual show "Targe".

Considering the heaps of lead and plastic that I have of my own to get painted, I got it into my head that I needed to paint these guys so that's what I did a few months back.

The first one is the Hill Giant figure produced by Wizards of the Coast many, many moons ago as part of their metal figure range for Dungeons and Dragons. The second figure is the Fire Giant from the same range.

I particularly liked the Hill Giant figure, the crouched pose looks quite menacing. Not so daft on the Fire Giant pose though, looks as if he is almost falling over himself with the weight of that massive sword that he is carrying.

The Damsel in a wee bit of distress is an old Citadel Female Paladin figure from 19oatcake.

So then I looked out my other "Giant" figures.

This is the Fire Giant by Chronicle Miniatures and one of my favourite figures of all time. Although I redid the base I wasn't brave enough to re-paint him, so he's still in his original enamels.

 Then there is this guy

This one is an old Citadel Minature, alas I can't remember how old and  I can't find him in the usually very helpful The Stuff of Legends web page.

But although these guys were, in their day, "Giants" they do seem quite small in comparison to

Yup, for all his faults on the Warhammer battle table (he gets shot far too easily), the Citadel Plastic Giant towers over his older brethern.

I suspect that if the Hill Giant and Fire Giant actually stood upright they would be significantly taller figures than the Chronicle and Old Citadel Giant figures but they would still be quite titchy compared to Big Plastic.

Of course, even Big Plastic would seem almost dwarf like compared with the almost legendary "The Citadel Giant"

If you have one of these guys in your collection then you'd better insure him as I gather he is worth the equivalent of the GDP of a small African nation.

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