Saturday, 14 May 2011

Daylight Robber


During the American Civil War, Archie Clement was a member of one of the notorious Confederate Guerrilla bands, also commonly called "Bushwhackers". Standing just over 5 feet tall he was nicknamed "Little Arch" and was an expert shot with a pistol. 

Riding initially with the group led by "Bloody Bill Anderson" (who would scalp the heads of his victims and hang them from the bridle of his horse), Archie took part in a number of Raids behind the Front Lines including the infamous Centralia Massacre. Archie then commanded the group until the end of the War after Anderson's death in 1864.

However, it was after the end of the War that Archie gained his particular place in American History when on February 13th 1866, Archie led a gang to the Clay County Savings Association Bank in Liberty, Missouri and carried out the first daylight Bank Robbery in American History making off with $60,000 in cash and bonds.

Archie's career as a Robber continued for several months but like so many Wild West Outlaws, he met a violent end, when in Lexington on December 13th 1866 he was shot down from his horse while trying to escape from the Law.

Although mortally wounded, as his attackers approached him, Archie was seen trying to cock his revolver with his teeth. When asked what he was trying to do, Archie replied -

"I've done what I always said I would do ... die before I'd surrender."

The figure is by Artizan Designs and with thanks to Wikipedia  and Biographican for the background info.


  1. Great fig and a great post. I´d never heard of this guy before. Pity that dec 13th 1866 wasn´t on a friday.

  2. Great post, as Paul above said. I'd never heard of this guy either. Nice figure and a great piece of history!