Monday, 14 March 2011

He's Big, He's Mean and He's Green.......

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I play Dwarves in fantasy, from my earliest forays with Reaper rules, to Warhammer 1st Edition and subsequent editions, I even used them when I briefly had a copy of Gary Chalk's Fantasy Warlord rules.

But when you see the latest stuff about to come out from those wonderful guys at Mantic Games, even the longbeard in me has to go these look awesome!

I owe a lot to GW and Citadel Miniatures in setting me down that miniature wargaming path that I have taken over the last 30 years and although I know there are plenty of people who bad mouth them and don't like the "Evil Empire" I think many of us have a lot to thank GW for and will continue to support them by buying their products.

But even the GW Fanboy that I am has to wonder if GW have maybe gone and shot themselves in the foot with their latest pricing escapade. With the latest releases of the Savage Orcs etc, GW, have for some reason cut the number of Orc Boyz that they sell in their box from 16 to 10, yet have maintained the price of the box at £18. Okay, you get a helluva load of bits in the box (130) with which to be able to customise your Orc Boy so that no two in the unit will look alike but at the end of the day you will still be able to only build 10 Boyz. Mantic on the other hand are boxing 30 of their Orc warriors for a price of £24.99. Okay, perhaps there will be less variety but if my arithmetic holds up I work that out to be a cost of 83p a figure compared to GW's of £1.80 a figure.....

Mantic's philosophy is well publicised - Building Big Armies at affordable prices and certainly with this new release you can see that they are maintaining that philosophy.

They are available for pre-order now with their release date scheduled for 25 April 2011. Click on the Mantic link above or on the Wayland Games banner at the top of the blog for more info.

Now I must go and reassure my Dwarves that I have not fallen to the call of the Waaagh!!!

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