Thursday, 24 March 2011

British Paratroopers Battalion Deal from Valiant Miniatures

Those of you who followed my blogs "The Red Devils" and the "Paras Done" may be interested to know that Valiant Miniatures are now offering a discount on the cost of a Battalion Pack (for Rapid Fire rules) for their recently released British Paratroopers.

The Battalion Pack consists of 1 HQ Group, 3 x Rifle Group and 1 Support Group for a total cost of £45, saving £5.40 on the individual unit prices. And Valiant will send the figures anywhere in the world, post free!

More details can be found here which page also has pictures up of painted examples of the different groups.

And those of you who don't know about the Rapid Fire set of rules and want to learn more should go to the Rapid Fire web page


  1. I take it that's a good deal, will have a look at the site. Thanks.

  2. It's effectively 10% off the normal cost, Angry. The free postage helps too. If u saw my earlier post I just felt that the normal price of these guys was a bit on the high side so any saving has to be welcomed, if you already use Valiant figs for your games