Wednesday, 30 March 2011

British Late War Motorised Infantry Battalion

Well, it has taken a while but at last I've managed to paint up the British Motorised Infantry Battalion that I purchased from Pendraken Miniatures

What you see amounts to approximately 1065 points under the Blitzkrieg Commander II rules.

The Vickers MG teams

The 6pdr team

Indirect Fire support- the 3" Mortars

Universal Bren Carrier

The Poor Bloody Infantry

"Perkins - give that Bloody Vehicle a wash!!" - the CO

There are another 3 universal carriers, a M3 Half Track, 2 3" mortar teams and another HMG team that came with the set and which I have painted up and still a couple more M3's unpainted in the box, so a fair amount of metal comes with the Pendraken pack.

I have painted 6mm figs before so painting these 10mm figs was not quite the eye strain that you may have expected. Again,trying to bear in mind that you are going for the "look" seen from 3ft distance, you can get away with a multitude of sins which would be glaring on a 28mm figure. The only thing that stopped me from painting this lot a quicker, is the distraction of all the other projects that I have sitting on the table.

For the Infantry and crews, I have used GW's Graveyard Earth for the uniform colour and Bleached Bone for the webbing.

For the vehicles, they were painted in GW Catachan Green, washed with Dark Angel Green and then drybrushed again with Catachan Green.

They figs were then dipped in Gordon's magic gunk mix and then sprayed with Army Painter MattVarnish.

Now if only I  had remembered to get some more Super Glue, I could have made a start on the Armoured Battalion......


  1. Very nice work on those, have never painted 10mm before, I have done 6mm and they messed with my head.

  2. Thanks Fran!

    I painted up some 10mm Dragoons for my mate, Gordon's AWI army and to be honest I'd prefer to stick to painting the Brits - no facings and collars to worry about!!