Monday, 6 August 2012

More Pics from Claymore 2012

Ok, final upload of pics from Claymore 2012. Again in no order of preference.

Gourock Wargames Club - The Battle of Trafalgar

The League of Augsburg - French v Russian Napoleonic

Inverness Roleplaying and Wargaming Association - Battletech

Urban Mammoth - Urban War

The Iron Brigade - Viking Raid

And although Border Reivers brought their Vietnam Game which they had already displayed at the Carronade show here are some more pics of their table as it was definitely one of the best on display

So another good show hosted by South East Scotland Wargames Club. A bright, spacious venue although the long corridor separating the 2 areas of the show is a minor gripe (and the fairly stodgy catering but SESWC are not responsible for that). The Bring and Buy though was pretty poor (or maybe I'm just getting too picky in my old age) but I definitely felt there wasn't much to look at. In times gone by the Claymore Bring and Buy was the place to pick up some bargains (if you could get near the table - such was the crush) but it really was quiet this year. 

As I said in my first post, I wasn't looking to spend much so whilst I had a look at what the various traders had to offer, I restricted myself to purchasing Conquest Games' new boxed set of plastic Norman Infantry from Dave Thomas and the Late Antiquity to Early Medieval army lists for Hail Caesar. I resisted the temptation of picking up the Too Fat Lardies new Dux Britanniarum rule set which Caliver Books had for sale. They also had the copies of the new Dux Bellorum rules from Osprey which is not actually due for release until later this month. However, I had already pre-ordered this on Amazon so sorry Dave, you didn't get my pennies this time.

Well done to all the clubs who put on tables. It's always a lot of effort to put on a display table for a show and   all of the tables looked busy at various point so the day with onlookers or participants for those clubs that were running participation games. One thing I would say though is that some clubs should make more of an effort to let people know who they are! With quite a few of the tables I had no idea who was putting on the display or what the table was about. 

And while no one objected to me taking pics of their table and figures it would have been a bit more interesting if some of the clubs took a bit of time to engage with the viewing public and explained what was happening!

For some more pics and reports on the show head over to the Wappinshaw Blog and the ALBAtwo Warblog

Next show in Scotland will be SKELP hosted by Angus Wargames Club on 20 October 2012 at the Reid Hall in Forfar. Now this happens to be the same day as Livingstone Battleground hold their Skirmish 2012 Wargames Participation Event. Now with so few shows taking place in Scotland I'm a bit bewildered as to how we've ended up with 2 Wargames Shows taking place on the same day so it will be interesting to see how both clubs get on with their attendances that day. I should be going to SKELP as it is just up the road from me so I'll maybe see you there.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Pics from Claymore 2012

Well it has been pretty quiet on the Wargaming front at Kingsleypark Manor recently, what with holidays and then the drudgery of the return to the work, but today was the Claymore Show in Edinburgh hosted by the South East of Scotland Wargames Club.

Claymore has, since it's inception, been the largest Wargames Show in Scotland (although the guys at Falkirk and the Carronade Show may now argue that their show is as big). The show is held at Telford College, a modern, spacious venue, a lot more airy and well lit compared to the old venue at the indoor running track at the now demolished Meadowbank Stadium.

My budget was pretty restricted, having had a recent rush of rash purchases on evilBay and I had been swithering as to whether to go at all but in the end decided I would go and take a trip down to Auld Reekie as the word on the street was that Dave Thomas would have boxes of the new Conquest Games plastic Norman Infantry and I did have enough pennies to get one of those.

As there are only about half a dozen established shows on the Scottish Wargames Circuit it is inevitable that some of the Clubs will take the same game to more than one show and that was certainly true today with a number of the games having appeared at Carronade which you can see on my previous posts herehere and here so I won't show those games again but there were a number of new tables on show so here are a few pics of some of those . As always in no particular order of preference (and apologies if I mis-label anything)

Falkirk and District Wargames Club - Lativa 1919

Glasgow & District Wargames Society - The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa 16 July 1212

62Hit's - Dystopian Wars

Claymore Castings - Medieval game (sorry guys I didn't get a note if this was of a particular battle)

Angus Wargames Club - The Battle of Prestonpans 1745

The railway track represents the world's first wooden railway, which transported coal by cart across the field, where the battle was fought, to Tranent.

RAF Leuchars Wargaming Association - Band of Brothers Episode 2 - Carentan

The Battle of Sekigahara - 21 October 1600 (sorry guys I didn't see which club this was)

The Society of Twentieth Century Wargames - Operation Kutusov, August 1943

It's American Civil War, they are 15mm figures and they are using Fire & Fury rules but I have no idea who they were or what battle they were playing

Durham Wargames Group - American War of Independence

Dumfries Wargames Club/ Solway Minatures - A Very British Civil War

I'll put more pics up in the next day or so - in fact you can find them here