Sunday, 4 March 2012

Byzantines, Blood Bowl and Shermans

I promised my mate, Alan, a full after action report of Friday night's Blood Bowl game between his Norse and my valiant Dwarrow Boys Dwarf team, and I will get to it, once I stop howling and gnashing my teeth at the injustice of Nuffle, the God of Blood Bowl.

So, as brief interlude, here are some pics of the rest of February's output of painting that I haven't previously posted-

Some more Byzantine Cavalry Command figs

Still too flashy. I'll need to try Big Lee's suggestion for a flash diffuser here

I know the Standard is too big. The guy's wife says he is over compensating for deficiencies in other areas..............

The full Byzantine Cavalry Command set all together at long last

Byzantine Light Cavalry Archers

Part of the Chaos Blood Bowl team that I said I would get painted up February 2011

A squadron of 10mm British Shermans and Firefly

And another squadron

An ickle 10mm Firefly next to it's 20mm cousin

And finally

On the hunt for Captain Kirk


  1. Excellent output, you have been busy. Love the tiny shermans, those markings must have been fun to do in such a small scale :)

  2. Great figures, great painting, and great bases!

  3. Nice Byzies - who makes those? Dean

  4. Thanks Guys!

    @Dean - They are Gripping Beast figures, Dean. Check them out here:-

  5. Great painting!! love the Byzantines, I thought they looked like G Beasties!!

  6. Thanks! I kind of thought so. Dean