Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hail Caesar

Oh boy this looks like it could be the rules release of 2011.

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Written by that awfully nice chap, Rick Priestley, HC looks like it will follow the trend set by Black Powder with the emphasis on big, but fast, flowing games. I can do no worse than direct you to Mr Priestly's teasers that he has posted on the Warlord Games web page giving explanations of the combat system and the basic ideas behind the rules

Given the uncertainty over the future of Warhammer Ancient Battles (will they, won't they be issuing new army lists for 2nd Ed???), I think Hail Ceasar will definitely be making a big push for becoming the rules of choice for Ancient Gamers. Full colour throughout and no doubt full of pictures of beautifully painted miniatures.

Warlord Games are already taking pre-orders for the rule book on their web page, and again as with Black Powder, if you order the rules through Warlord you will receive an exclusive miniature. I'm hazarding a guess that it may be a model of the Roman on the front cover of HC??? And if you order now (until the end of March) there is free shipping worldwide, saving you some more of your well earned gold.

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