Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Farewell February

I don't know about you Dear Reader but I don't like Februarys. Don't know what it is about the month but I'm always happy to see it pass and no change this year - good riddance month.

Still, despite the blip in the middle of the month (recall my earlier post "Mr Motivator - where art thou?") there was some success on the painting front:-
The British BKC2 battlegroup is starting to take shape - only about 765 points worth and nothing to take out a panzer with except a well aimed can of bully beef but still, I have been encouraged by the progress they are making. On the painting table are another 5 bren carriers, another M3 halftrack (they are just about complete) and a couple of 6pdr AT guns, crew and prime movers have been undercoated and that will be the battalion completed. Still in a box are the artillery and the armour......

As promised Dear Reader, here are some pics of one of the Valiant Paras:-

The Smock has been painted with a base coat of GW's Camo Green, which on reflection is probably just a bit too green. The camoflage is GW's Scorched Brown and Vallejo Reflective Green. Trousers are GW Graveyard Earth with a drybrush of Foundry Canvas 8A. Helmet is GW Catachan Green with spots of GW Bestial Brown and Dark Angel Green and the webbing is GW Bleached Bone. Although the webbing is probably a bit lighter than the kit I have seen in colour photographs of the time (and on other peoples' models), I quite like it, it helps brighten up the figure from their drab uniforms (and no Cammie it is not to it make easier for your German snipers to see them!).

Just for another size comparison here is Tommy next to a 20mm Reiver Casting that I forgot I had hiding in my drawer

The rest of the Paras are in various stages of completion, so hopefully I should get them finished over the next week or so. I'm still swithering whether to make the investment and buy the rest of the models I need to make up a battalion under Rapid Fire Rules.

So the painting total for February amounted to 77 figs/ vehicles completed and only 8 figs purchased. Long may that ratio continue!!


  1. BKC Brits looking good Dave, you know you can borrow a Sherman battalion or 3 to get a game going.

  2. I was sort of hoping you would say that Gordon!!

    Hoping to get them on the table for the club meet on the 18th