Friday, 13 July 2012

We're All Going On A Summer Holiday

Thankfully we are not going with Cliff or in a red double decker bus (although my VW Sharan is affectionately known as "The Bus") but yup the Menagarie is heading off for a 2 week break down to Oxford and then Stratford-upon-Avon
I would like to say to we are heading for sunnier climes compared to cold Arbroath but given the weather we have had in the UK this last 6 weeks then wellies and brollies will probably be the order of the day. 
I'll have limited access to the internet while we are away as the O2 outage that happened on Wednesday seems to have completely buggered up my SIM card so that I can't get 3G access and it's too late for me to get a replacement SIM. So unless I hit some Wi-Fi hot spots or Mrs Kingsleypark lets go of the iPad long enough for me to use it then I'll struggle to keep up with all the happenings in Blogland.
So see you all in a fortnight!


  1. enjoy your trip and some time of break: I think that the Spirit of Shakespeare will give you a lot new ideas! the Blog-World and so long is so futile compared to the Real-World!

    (my daughter had a school-trip at Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon this year and now I've a pin of Oxford to put on my sweat-shirt! I'm very proud!)
    best wishes!

  2. You put the vid up!! Do you have any idea how old I feel right now Kinglsey. Have yourselves a good time!!

  3. Good hols KP. Take a few pics of Oxford, bound to be some inspiration there.

  4. Have a great time, Kingsley and don't forget the brolly!!!

  5. Have a wonderfully break, look forward to my hobby news on your return.

  6. Happy hollidays KP! Enjoy it!