Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Kingsleypark Giveaway Competition

Well as promised, it's my turn to say thank you to all you folks out there who take the time to follow these witterings about my Wargaming Hobby exploits (or in some cases the lack of them) and hold a giveway competition. As I mentioned in my post here the menagerie finally hit the 50 follower mark (and continues to creep up).

Now, it had crossed my mind to do something similar as Dan of the Gunners Wargaming blog or Ray at the  Don't Throw a 1 blog and offer to paint up a unit of figs for the winner. However, as the winner will probably then have to wait 12 months for their prize, given my rate of painting , I thought that probably wasn't such a good idea.

And Tamsin of the Wargaming Girl blog is offering up some Flames of War prizes to celebrate her blog's six month birthday, but alas I don't have any nice shiny unpainted figs available to do likewise.

So, I'm sticking to the tried and tested formula of offering some books as the booty for the lucky winners, and yes that is plural, 3 winners.

3 books up for grabs- first up is "The Battle of Hastings - The Fall of Anglo-Saxon England" by Harriet Harvey Wood -

Next is "The Emperor's Last Victory"  by Gunther Rothenberg which is about the Battle of Wagram in 1809

And finally, we have "Crossing the Rhine - Breaking into Nazi Germany 1944 and 1945 - The Greatest Airborne Battles in History" by Lloyd Clark.

So what do you have to do to get your mitts on one of these tomes?. Nothing too onerous: -

1. Be a public follower of the blog - so make sure your mugshot/ avatar is showing down below;

2. Leave a comment saying which book you prefer and if you want to try for all 3 then list your order of preference.

3. Enter before midnight Saturday 7 July 2012 ( Arbroath time).

I'll select the winner of each book once the closing date has passed and announce them to all and sundry in the blog.

Good luck everyone!!!


  1. ooohhhh, some shiny books. Well, you can drop my name for the Hastings book ;)

    And keep up your good blogging job

  2. Nice, I would like to enter for the crossing the rhine book!

    I will also put a link an my blog! And keep blogging

  3. Ooooh, ooooh, so many prize draws going on at the moment! I will pimp this post later in the week - please put me down for 1. Hastings; 2 Rhine

  4. Hhmmmm very nice!!! That Hastings book has my name on it, for sure!!!!!

  5. Awesome :-) put me down for 1. The Emperor's Last Victory 2. Hastings

  6. Congratulations on the milestone! I won't put my name in as the cost of shipping to me would be high and I would feel guilty if I won. How about I put Ray's name on the Hastings book in lieu of my name. This way he gets two chances to win and I get to make up for all the times I've hassled him!!

  7. An incredibly generous giveaway Sir! Would love to be considered for the Hastings book please.

  8. Congratulations on 50 followers. I'll leave my name out as you would have to ship it to the US.

  9. Ohh shiny! The crossing the Rhine book looks interesting so put me down for the chance to win that.

    I do understand however that you would have to take out a second mortgage to send it downunder, so I will not cry if I do not win...I may just sob a wee bit...Silently...In a cold corner of the loft...Alone...With my plastic's...Taking it out on them...

  10. ... well only the Battle of Hastings could interest me but only in french!
    so I'm out...

    Those games are very nice ideas! I think that many bloggers will do that in the future!

    (and congrats for the 50 followers -58! - !!!)

  11. Well done on Reaching 50 followers KP and great give aways,
    I was lucky enough to pick up the Band of Brothers DVD collection from Dave at one man and his Brushes so I will keep my name out of the hat but best of luck to everyone.
    Arbroath time indeed ;0)

  12. What a great give away! I'd love to be entered for The Emperor's Last Victory. Thank you very much.

    How different is Arbroath time from GMT anyway?

  13. Hard to choose one of these books, but i'm in fpr "Crossing the Rhine".


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  15. Crossing the Rhine please

  16. I'd love the Wagram book and congrats sir!

  17. Thanks for all the comments folks!

    Competition result to posted later on today.......