Saturday, 5 May 2012

Carronade 2012 - Pic Upload No. 2

Okay, well done if you waded through the first upload of pics from Carronade 2012!

Here are some more. As before in no particular order or preference and again apologies if I have mis-labelled anything! Again pretty picture heavy so apologies for slow upload time.

Gentlemans Wargames Parlour and Solway Games - A Very British Civil War, (28mm)

Oldmeldrum Wargames Club - Wings of War (1/72nd scale)

Glasgow Gaming Club - Empire of The Dead, (28mm)

Angus Wargames Club, Saga, (28mm)

Kirriemuir Wargames Club, Urban War

Phoenix Wargames Club, Battle of Platea, (28mm)

Dunfermline Wargames Club, Battle of Newmarket 1864, (28mm)

Romans v Celts, 28mm Ancients
(sorry don't know which club this was)

Iron Brigade, The Battle of Windmill Hill (ECW 28mm)

South East Scotland Wargames Club, Operation Exporter - Syria 1941 (28mm)

Bathgate Wargames Club, "Highwayman" (28mm)

Okay, I guess, I'll need to put the last ones up as a third upload. So visit there if you are interested!


  1. Empire of the Dead is my favorite this group. Those penned sheep are so cool. I think we can tell from what I like which side of the gaming table I'm on!

    1. The Empire of the Dead did look very interesting and I should have taken more pics if it but they had only just started and there was not many figs out on the table. But I can't get sucked into that one having just taken up Malifaux!

  2. Thanks for taking these - your photos are much better than the ones I managed!


  3. Cheers Paul! I would have liked to taken more of the Platea game but the zoom on the iPhone is just not up to much