Saturday, 5 May 2012

Carronade 2012 - Final Upload of Pics and thoughts on the Show

OK, I promise, this the last set of pics from Carronade 2012. Final set of games and some pics from the Painting Competition. If you have navigated here first, you'll find the other pics here and here

Again apologies for the slow upload due to amount of pics.

Independent Wargames Club - "Dead Men Tell No Tales" (15mm Pirates Aaargh!)

What good sports for getting dressed up for the part!!

Durham Wargames Club, War of 1812 (54mm!!!)

Back of Beyond Game (28mm)
Sorry don't know which club this was either!

Stirling Wargames Club, Ambush at Amon Hen (Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, 28mm)

There were a couple of Malifaux Games being run. Sorry, I don't know which clubs they were but 1 used the new "Terraclips" terrain modules from Wyrd Miniatures

And the other club had their own scratch built board

I'll let you decide which one looks better!!

A Mordhiem Game (again using the Terraclips terrain), again sorry I don't know who this was

And Lothian Gamers were running some Pathfinder RPG games

Some pics from the Painting Competition Entries

As Carronade is probably only a medium sized show compared to the likes of Salute and Triples down South, it was quite easy to get round the whole venue a couple of times so I think I have been able to get pictures of all the games on display bar one, so apologies to Urban Mammoth whose Urban War pics that I took turned out to have suffered major iPhone wobble.

An interesting selection of games on display with a good mix of Participation games as well as display games. Favourite games? Well for sheer size of table you couldn't see past the Gourock ACW game and it had nicely painted figures and some cracking buildings on display

The Vietnam Game put on by Border Reivers was pretty impressive both terrain and figure wise, with some nice wee touches as well

But for me the best game on display was the RAF Leuchars table of the "Band Of Brothers". What Leuchars are going to do this year is recreate the WW2 campaign of the 101st Airborne Division's Easy Company by refighting a different battle at each of the 4 main Scottish shows.

So for Carronade they were re-fighting the drop into Normandy and the part Easy played in the Battle for St. Mere Eglise. At Claymore they will re-fight Carentan, at SKELP they will recreate Easy's involvement in Market Garden and at Targe they will refight Bastogne. After each game they are going to keep a note of which men of Easy Company survived the refight, who got wounded or killed and this will then determine who takes part in the next game to take place at the next show!

The roster for the Men of Easy Company. Their fate will be plotted on these charts!

The background material for the Leuchars Game

Although I know Jed (General Jumbo on the TMP forums) and he is always happy to have a blether, I was struck by his enthusiasm for the game and he was more than happy to talk me through what was happening in the game, what the objectives were and how they planned to work the campaign over the course of the 4 shows. I think that is a pretty unique thing to attempt and I can't wait to see how it will progress. 

A good number of Traders turned up to display their wares, for example, Dave Thomas, Caliver Books, The Last Valley, Pendraken, Warlord Games and Coritani to name but a few. It is really encouraging that the traders are coming north of the border to attend our shows as it is a long haul for some of them.

The Falkirk club have once again managed to host a fabulous show. The venue at Graeme High School is roomy, I never felt crushed or unable to see what I was wanting to have a look at. All the traders are on the ground floor which I think will have pleased them (this was a gripe I know some had from last year being stuck up on the upper level). I got parked pretty easily but I gather by about mid-morning the car park was full so that is testament to the number of people that came through the door.

I know from the comments that some of my fellow bloggers were at the show but I missed seeing them! There may be something to be said in getting a Polo Shirt made up with my blog name on it a la the Posties Rejects and the success they had at meeting up with other bloggers at Salute.

Of course, it wouldn't be a wargames show without picking up some goodies. I went with good intentions of not spending much but that lasted half an hour at best. As soon as I saw that Dave Thomas only had 1 box of Conquest Games Norman Knights I had to get the wallet out pretty quick.

The Hail Caesar Lists and The War Game Rules (I met Charles at the show but resisted the urge to get him to sign my copy!) were from Caliver Books. The Knights and the Saga dice were from Dave Thomas. The resin river pieces were from Coritani. The Mininatur tufts were from Mutineer Miniatures, the Vallejo paints I picked up from the Pendraken Miniatures stall and the Vallejo water effects were from Static Games.

And now I'm skint!


  1. As long as you enjoyed yourself that is the main thing!


    1. Yes it was a good day. Managed to catch up with some mates that I hadn't seen for a while so all good!

  2. Great report and a nice bag of goodies...What more could you ask for!

  3. You're as bad as Ray now for posting in one day what you could make last a week! He's a bad influence that one is. Dead Men Tell no Tales was really fun to look at. Liked the scenery in that coastal town too and that black ship was neat.

    I just ordered my first pieces from Malifaux and I'm waiting for them to arrive. The Hubby told me I could buy Seamus The Mad Hatter, but what the Hubby doesn't know is that I ordered three more figures! Malifaux has some really great sculpts that are just full of character and the poses are amazing.

    How are you coming on painting the figures from your cabinet?
    (told you I was going to harass you about that).

    1. I know I should have scheduled these to come out later but I was on a roll and never thought!

      The Pirate game was very well done and good on the guys (and gal) who were running it for dressing up to look the part.

      I picked up a Seamus crew from a stall but put it down again as I have not started my Ophelia crew and Teddy. I'm looking forward to seeing how you turn him out (and the others but we won't talk about them too loudly!).

      The Adventures cart is getting a wee bit of dry brushing and then a anti-shine spray before trying to finish off the base. The other figs are queueing up behind it for their turn!!

  4. I really liked that cart and am interested to see what you did with it. I'm not going to tackle Seamus until a get a bit more technique under my belt, but the other three are within my skill range and I'm going to play a lot with color on those.

    1. Well with the standard of painting you are starting to produce Anne, I figure it won't be long before you will be tackling Seamus!

  5. Cool report,
    My brother, Nephew and our buddy Cameron (1st ever show) and me went along Saturday. It was the best Falkirk show yet for me and the others enjoyed it too. Cameron had a list of 2 armies from 40K he fancied and also some other stuff. Amazingly 10mins in he managed to pick up both the 40K armies at the bring and buy built and painted to a very good standard and by the end of the day he had ticked off all the things he wanted (how often does that happen and we even managed to sneak him past his wife on our return!). 3 out of the 4 of us needed to go into town to get more cash! My nephew and I picked up a crazy bagain of FOW Americans that will save us months of painting and basing! The Band of Brothers game was brilliant and there were many, many more excellent displays. Congrats to the guys from Falkirk on putting on another brilliant show!
    Best Paul

    1. It was a top notch show.

      We'll need to figure out a way of identifying each other so that we don't pass each other like ships in the night and can actually stop and say hello to each other!

  6. Damn nice report sir, good pictures and good loot, I have those 20mm comparison pics for you if you let me have your email address!