Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Valiant Miniatures announce April release date for 1/72nd scale German Paratroopers

Well those awfully nice chaps at Valiant Miniatures popped their newsletter into my inbox today with more news about their impending release of their 1/72nd scale German Paratroopers and also some news of some more new goodies.

The newsletter is as follows: -

"The German Paras Have Arrived

We are pleased to announce that the next hard plastic Valiant figure set will be released in early April…… German Paratroops. Each box will contain 24 figures. These are on three sprues of eight figures, six or which are ‘armless’ to allow for maximum variation in poses and weapon combinations.

Weapon options are MP 40 submachine guns, Kar 98 rifles and MG 34 light machine guns. Whilst the theme is early war for the weapons, the figures are specifically designed so that other weapons etc can be ‘borrowed’ from other sets in the Valiant range (MG 42s, Panzerfausts, Panzerschecks etc). Separate heads are provided for most figures with options of a plain para helmet, a helmet with the distinctive para cover and a side cap.

We’ve posted a few images of painted test shot figures on the Valiant website gallery and lots more will follow in the next few months. These are very detailed figures sculpted by the very talented Andy Hamilton and compliment the other figures in the range very well.

We will be adding the new box to the Valiant shopping cart in the next few days – the price will be a very competitive £6.99 a box (+ postage).

Coming Soon

In about two months…… some serious heavy metal to support your German troops. A German leFH 18 105mm howitzer and five crew. Unlike the first batch of Valiant guns this will be hard plastic model. In proper Valiant style one of the gunners will be a chap with a greatcoat with arm options to convert him into a marching rifleman.

Any queries please contact me [Colin Rumford] on valiantminiatures@btinternet.com"
They first announced the news of the new set a few weeks back and posted some pics of the sprue here and have now added some pictures of some painted models in their gallery

Interesting to see they have changed the number of figures for this set compared with their previous releases.

I like the Valiant plastic figures but I have a problem with their size basically ruling them out for use with other 1/72nd scale figs and their slow release schedule has put me off buying more of them in the past (in fact I sold off my boxes of unpainted Valiants just before Christmas). If this release is the start of a more regular release schedule then that can only be a good thing.


  1. Lovely figures except for the size issue, they're bloody huge!

  2. they look nice figures your have to show us a picture when you have painted them

    1. Still swithering Vinnie as to whether to get them or not. As Fran says they are pretty big figs compared to say, the Plastic Soldier Company figures, and as Valiant have been pretty slow at releasing more sets to support their existing range I'm a wee bit reluctant to commit.

      I might get them just to review and then paint up and sell on EBay but the last time I did that with the British Paratroopers I bought I made a big loss on the sale!