Saturday, 10 March 2012

Things That Go BOOM In The Night

You've got the Allied Naval Task Force sitting on your doorstep. The fire from the mighty guns of the fleet is making life a little bit uncomfortable in your fortress in the Rock of Gibralter. Attacks by U-boats have proved unsuccesful in driving the fleet away and the Kriegsmarine are reluctant to risk any more of their veteran submariners on futile attacks.

What to do?

Simple - just take some cheap and cheerful, V-4 infected Zombies, rip their insides out (they can't feel it so no loss there), and strap some Naval Mines into the cavity recently occupied by their intestines.

They don't breathe air, so just point them in the direction of the ships, drop them in the water and wait a few minutes (actually more like a couple of hours - Zombies don't move very fast) and then BOOM!

Nazi Bomberzombies from Grindhouse Games, coming to an Incursion game near you today.


  1. I'll check my bad first next time before I step in! :-D

    Excellent painted figures!


  2. Interesting idea there, interesting miniatures too and very nicely painted.

    Though my daughter has just suggested that the idea might not work...being dead wouldn't the zombies just float?

    1. I think the weight of the mine keeps them well and truly rooted to the ocean floor!!

  3. To do such a mission you certanly would need some best pun :-D
    "nice" idea and great paintjob.
    PS; This is all very odd...I just checked back at my blog and yep..I am following your blog..but it don´t show that I am in the followers list here. Sorted now. :-D