Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Mungo's Mashers

So towards the end of last year my bro finally decides to get himself his own set of Blood Bowl. He managed to get a second hand set pretty cheap off Ebay complete with the Orc and Human teams and a couple of extra metal figs as well.

About the same time Warhammer Historical were having their half price sale on all their rule books. For a while I had been swithering about their Trafalgar set of rules and using the pile of plastic pocket ships from the old Wizkids "Pirates of the Spanish Main" that I have had for years, before they became tainted with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise.

Cheap and cheerful but they would do the job.

And although I have only played a couple of World War 1 games over the years I also had liked the look of WH's "The Great War" rules. As my birthday is just a few weeks before Christmas and being a great believer in receiving presents that I actually want rather than the hand knitted sweater I texted bro and basically told him "check out the WH site, I fancy a few of their rule books for my birthday and Xmas".

His reply came shortly afterwards - "Ordered Trafalgar, Great War, Over the Top (the supplement for The Great War rules), Waterloo and Kampfgruppe Normandy, but you've got to paint my Orcs and Human Blood Bowl teams". Well I couldn't really refuse given the value of the offered booty -

So the figures duly arrived at Kingsleypark Manor and once the festive holidays were over I got to work.

The Humans got finished first, pics of those can be found in my post Return of the Menagerie so then I started on the Orc team, which my bro has christened "Mungo's Mashers". He wanted a similar colour scheme to the Orc team that appears in the PC game version of Blood Bowl by Cyanide Studios. So that'll be red and green then.

Again, keeping it simple with block colours, a Thraka Green wash over the Goblin Green and then a brush dip finished off with the anti-shine spray.

Presumably this is Mungo (actually he is the old model for the Orc star player Varag Ghoul Chewer)

As will be noted Mungo is using an illegal tooth picker

Mungo and his Black Orc buddies (I've christened them Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee)

The stalwarts of any Orc Blood Bowl team - the Linemen



 I told my bro that you can't have a Ball and Chain Gobbo on an Orc Blood Bowl team. However, he tells me that this in fact Neville , the Cheerleader with his "Spiky Pom-Pom".

I've come to the conclusion that I really don't like GW's Goblin Green, which is a bit of a pain considering I've got over 100 odd Orc and Goblin models sitting in a drawer awaiting some painting love.

I've also realised that my bro now has 4 painted Blood Bowl teams (and I have painted 3 of them for him) - Chaos, Dwarves as well as the Humans and Orcs, whereas I only have 3 completed teams! Maybe it's time I got back to painting my own Chaos team that I had started many moons ago to redress the balance.



  1. Seems like a fair deal to me, good prezzies and nice Blood Bowl team.

  2. A great haul has been had, I've always fancied the Trafalgar book?? Tell your brother he needs to pick up a brush himself!!

  3. Sibling bribery but worth it I suppose but not if they mash your team up......

  4. Suppose i'll have to have a go at Josefs Chaos Beastmen now, hmm before or after Hell Dorado, Sotr or saga Scots faction, luckily i'm not a top painter and can throw them onto the table quickly. If i can do about 25 figs a week should clear the metal in about 3 yrs.
    Ps Think you did well with the seasonal gifts and usual quality paint jobs in return