Sunday, 12 February 2012

Ilsa and Gretel

Many moons ago I posted about the "Incursion" boardgame by Grindhouse Games. Those curious can find what I said about it in the post Nazis, Zombies and a German Chick in Fishnet Tights (and okay she is wearing stockings not fishnets but hey ho, I'm naive in such matters).

A few months ago  Grindhouse in the US and West Wind Productions in the UK were having a sale of the game so I promptly picked up my copy for a mere £15. As mentioned in the previous post the game is solidly produced with good thick counters etc. But knowing that there is also a range of miniatures to go with the game I was not content on just using the counters provided so Santa was asked to get me the German Starter Pack and the jolly fellow came good.

The main reason for getting the German set was, of course, the 2 Frauleins
Ilsa and Gretel

These are definitely not the sort of girls you would want to take home to meet mother, but rather a pair of genetically enhanced, psychotic killing machines.

According to the game fluff their Daddy, Doctor Hugo von X (okay not the most imaginative of names) gave both his little girls an experimental serum which gave the girls increased speed and strength. Gretel was lucky, she got all the benefits and got to keep her pigtails. Poor Ilsa had a bad reaction and her face became a ruined mess so Daddy makes her wear the gas mask.

Although I really liked the idea of having the models, truth is they were a bugger to paint. Both are very slight models and much smaller than the 28mm models I have been painting recently. Consequently I have struggled with the detail. The Incursion publicity picture of Gretel shows a beautifully painted figure but if that is the same size of model that I have tried painting then all I can do is tip my hat to the painter as there was no way I could get that sort of detail onto Gretel's face.

I would not recommend pulling her pigtails

Ilsa - not afraid to hold a weapon in each hand

Gretel and her cardboard counterpart

Goodness knows when I will actually get these girls into play, given the current trend for playing Saga, but painting them helped break up the monotony of all that Goblin Green I have been using on my bro's Orc Blood Bowl team (I hope to have them finished tomorrow).


  1. Serum endowed lovelies my friend, good work and don't be so hard on yourself.....

  2. :-D "Ilsa - not afraid to hold a weapon in each hand!" I suppose that would depend on the "caliber" :-D
    very nice...