Sunday, 5 June 2011

Two Mantic Orcs and a Dwarf

Walk into a bar....

No not quite. After the box of Orcs from Mantic Games had arrived at Kingsleypark Manor a few weeks ago (as reviewed here) I have finally managed to get round to painting a couple of the models

I debated for some time whether to go paint them with GW's Goblin Green or go for some other "radical" skin colour, but I bottled it and used it but with the dip, I've hopefully muted the green to a less cartoony colour. And okay, the shield design is a bit of a cop out as well but I always struggle to come up with something interesting and don't have the hand to paint a nice skull or wolf's head design.

This guys's teeth came out like a bit of a mouthful!

And the Dwarf?


  1. Good job on these, i prefer the muted look myself, more 'realistic' IMO (never seen a real orc of course but im sure you get my meaning)

    nice work on the leather and metals too, brings them together nicely

  2. Yep have to agree Dave, the mighty gunk (patent pending) works well with the Orcs and Gobbos. I've experimented with thinning mine down a bit further, as I'm painting a good few figs dressed in white or near white. Results are I'm getting less shading and the varnish is much more matt.


  3. Nice work, the dip worked well, i like them and the green.

  4. Nice figures KP. Maybe someday I will try the "dip"

  5. I like the miniatures and your paint jobs. Well done!

  6. Nice! Not a fan of green orcs but I like these.

    Might have to get some orcies for WFB 2nd ed. :)