Saturday, 4 June 2011

Pics from Wappinshaw 2011

So I drove down to Scotland's largest City for what is the 3rd show on the Scottish Wargames Calendar, Wappinshaw, hosted by the Phoenix Wargames Club. This year the venue for the show was the Royal Concert Hall, slap bang in the City Centre, so a definite change of scene from previous years.

But despite it being held in Scotland's largest City, Wappinshaw is probably one of the smallest of the 6 shows held in Scotland. Still there was some new things to see that weren't at the Falkirk show. So pics today and I'll give my thoughts on the show later.

G3 Gaming Club - 3D Space Hulk (32mm)

Dumbarton Wargames Club- "The Seige of Warrensburgh" (Warhammer Fantasy Battle 28mm)

South East of Scotland Wargames Club - "When's the Cavalry Getting Here?" (15mm)

Falkirk Wargames Club - "The Battle of Imjin River" (20mm)

Dumfries Wargames Club- A Very British Civil War (28mm)

Glasgow and District Wargames Society - "Operation Jericho" (15mm)

Gourock Wargames Association - "The Battle of Magersfontein 1899" (15mm)

Glasgow Wargames Club - Full Thrust

The League of Extraordinary Kreigspielers - "The Riddle of  the Sands"

Kirriemuir Wargames Club - "A Norse, A Norse, My Kingdom for a Norse"

So there you have it, pics from all the games on display. As I mentioned above I will let you have my thoughts on the show later.


  1. Quite a wide variety of games there, looked to be a good show (and i would likely have known a few of the participants too)

  2. Looks like a nice show. Thx for sharing

  3. I didn't get to the show and would be interested in your comments