Thursday, 26 May 2011

White Dwarf - June 2011 Issue

Well with no major 40k or Warhammer release due in June, the headline in this month's WD is the news about the "new" range of Citadel Finecast figures.

Those of you who have been following the various threads and rumours over the interweb will be aware of the talk of GW scrapping the use of metal for their figures and now that news is confirmed and this month's issue highlights the reasons behind GW decision and posts pictures of some of the figures in their new guise.

These, of course, are not new figures but old models released in the "Finecast" resin which GW claim to be a "unique resin formula", although all new models if not being released in plastic, will be released in Finecast.

Time will tell if this is the "exceptional event" in the wargaming hobby that GW are proclaiming, but it is certainly a noteworthy event. No doubt much ink will spilt and the forums will be filled with those who love or hate the figures, their pricing and so on, but what is clear is that GW appear to have invested a significant amount of time and money into this process and as it says in the introduction on page 3 "there will be no turning back!"

'Eavy Metal showcase has pictures of some of the painted Finecast models and certainly from the painted examples it would be impossible to tell whether the model is metal or Finecast, the detailing does seem to stand out though.

The issue also previews a new wave of Dark Eldar releases, including the Haemonculi, Venom Transport, The Talos Pain Engine and Cronos Parasite Engine, Scourges and Grotesques, Wracks and the pretty impressive looking Razorwing Jetfighters.

The Tomb King release is followed up this month with the article "Idols of the Desert Gods" in which Andy Hall looks at some of the Tomb King models that are being released in Finecast  and the abilities that they bring to a TK army and also contains a profile for a TK Special Character, Prince Apophas.

There are 2 Tactica reports this month, one for the Tomb Kings and one for the Grey Knights. This months Battle Report is entitled "Kinstrife" and is a classic Eldar v Dark Eldar confrontation. I especially liked the little quotes throughout the article from the Dark Eldar leader, Urien Rakrath.

Jarvis continues with his look at his 8 favourite Citadel models that he would take with him to his Desert Island and invites readers to send in their list of 8 favourite models.

Armies on Parade, highlights a new event for Games Day, whereby "Champions" from each of the GW Hobby Centre will display at Games Day their winning entries on a suitably themed display board. More details on this can be had from your local GW Hobby Centre, and the article highlights some of the WD teams own "Armies on Parade" displays.

Army Masters previews Matt Weaver's Space Wolves  and tucked away on Pages 96 to 103, a Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game Battle Report- Hooray!!! The article is entitled "Peril at the Gap of Rohan" (or why Gandalf was right to take the Fellowship through Moria!).

As always, the issue is packed with lots of GW eye candy, and more of a spread of articles across the 3 core GW systems. No doubt, though, the Finecast article will be the one that stirs up most debate.


  1. It is not entirely surprising that GWS has switched to resin instead of metal. Casting in resin will save them significant energy costs in production and shipping costs. One would hope the cost per figure drops below the loss of sanity point. However, I do not think prices will come down.

  2. "there will be no turning back!"

    Because once you begin treading the path of oblivion there really is no turning back...