Monday, 16 May 2011

What I did

Many thanks to all of you who took the time to look at my last post and to those of you who responded there and on the TMP thread. It was extremely interesting to read some of the comments!!

So what did I do when in my game of Blood Bowl against Ruarok on Saturday night when I had suddenly realised, after just having scored the first touchdown of the game, that I had been playing with 13 players on the pitch as opposed to the regulation 11 players?

Well even though bragging rights at Kingsleypark Manor were at stake................ I had to fess up.

I had set up the Kingsleypark Karoke Boyz for the next drive of the game and, as it was that point I eventually noted the extra bodies on the pitch. I was so used to playing with teams that only 11 players on the roster that I had just gone into automatic pilot mode and had just set everyone onto the pitch without a second thought.

As reality dawned on me, I looked over to Ruarok who was deep in thought trying to decide how to set up his Skaven team to receive the kick off. He clearly still hadn't noticed the illegality of my set up. Someone came over to speak to him for an update on the game and while he was distracted I quickly whisked 2 Orc Linemen off the pitch and into the reserve box. Still nothing from Ruarok.

I couldn't help it. I started laughing hysterically, much to Ruarok's annoyance who obviously thought I was taking great pleasure in rubbing in the humiliation he had suffered in letting a Goblin be tossed halfway down the pitch and being allowed to score unmolested by a single Skaven.

Eventually, I regained enough composure to ask him if he had noticed what had happened. Ruarok, being a typical stroppy teenager, immediately assumed that he had made some fatal flaw in his team set up and started scouring his team looking for the error and shouting back at me asking why I was being a mong.

Finally, I told him we would have to start the game again from scratch. The puzzled look in Ruarok's face should have been captured on film but I was still shaking too much from laughter to have been able to record the moment for posterity.

"I had 13 players on the pitch during that last drive!"


Then give Ruarok his due, he started roaring his head off in laughter. A few guys from some of the other tables came across to see what was causing all the raucous and left somewhat bemused at the sight of the pair of us rolling about in hysterics.

So we started again from scratch. During the "proper" game, I had to suffer the indignity of watching the Skaven Rat Ogre, "Indio", do the impossible (ok, he rolled a "6" on a D6) and pick up the ball

The great brute then swatted my Star Orc Thrower, "Flingit Milz", half way across the pitch and then strolled in for a touch down.

And then when a wayward kick off from the Kydz went out of bounds and resulted in a "touch back" to the Skaven team, Ruarok, took his chance to give the ball again to the Rat Ogre who bulldozed his way down the pitch for his second score of the "proper" game.

Due to the fact that we had rebooted the game due to my "error" we didn't get the game finished when we had to pack up. But it wasn't all bad news for the Kydz and Kevin in particular. When Indio had scored his second touchdown, this had simply brought the score back to 3-2 in favour of the Kydz. And who had scored 2 of the touchdowns for the Kydz?? Yup that's right, Kevin got his moment of glory after all, twice...........

Oh how proud his old mum would have been.