Friday, 6 May 2011

Theodred's Knights

A wee while back in the Post "Theodred Who?" I had asked which version of Theodred was better when playing GW's War of the Ring. Paul of the excellent Paul's Bods blog had suggested that "Theodred's Knights" was the better option as he really liked the figures.

And he is right. I think the Rohan Royal Guard figures are some of the best figures that have been done for the Lord of the Rings range. Maybe it's the "Late Roman" look of the helmets and armour, or the Green and Gold of their livery (although I have seen them painted in other colours, I prefer the traditional colour scheme).

In the rules you can have up to 6 Companies (12 cavalry models) but alas I only have enough figures for 4 companies at present.

And although you can't use them as "Theodred's Knights" the foot version of the Royal Guard are pretty cracking figures too.

And here are some more, providing a bodyguard for Theoden himself -

I don't have the foot version of Theodred, my mounted model came courtesy of the "The Lord of the Rings Battle Games" magazine. I'll need to have a trawl on Ebay to see if there is one to be had.


  1. Wow !!! Very nice look !!! Great painting !! Compliments my friend !!