Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Shroud Mage Frigates

As any good Admiral will tell you, whilst the Capital ships of a fleet gain all the headlines and the glory, it is the little ships that do all the hard work in the fleet.

And so it is in The Uncharted Seas by Spartan Games, the Frigates of each race are there to harry the enemy, provide a distraction, and when using Linked Fire provide just enough firepower at Close Range, to make the Captain of a Capital Ship ignore them at their peril.

As such each of the starter sets for the game, produced by Spartan Games will usually contain 6 of these little fellas, normally they will be organised in 2 squadrons of 3, but in some cases (the Orcs in particular) will have the option to deploy them in Squadrons of 6.

I have to say though, I'm not overly enamoured with the models for the Shroud Mage Frigates. The turrets deployed on top of the superstructure look to be just "too big" and as such the model appears very front heavy, and not much detail at the back to set against that. They are a totally different shape to the Battleship and the Cruisers who both have that sharp, angular bow, whereas the Frigates are definitely quite "squat" for want of a better word.

But again, very easy to paint, especially with the basic colour scheme that I have selected for my Bro's fleet. 

Now there is only the 3 cruisers to do from the starter fleet and then they'll be ready to be delivered back to my Bro.


  1. Looking really good! Too bad you're not closer I could engage you with my fleet!

  2. very cool. I have noticed over the years that the smaller vehicles do not get as much love from the designers as they should. I am looking forward to seeing the cruisers.

  3. @adept - yes you are a bit too far away!! What fleet(s) do you have?

    @Will - Well the cruisers are undercoated, so it's a start at least!!

  4. Yes , I agree with Will !! Nice work kingsleypark