Saturday, 7 May 2011

Carronade 2011 Pics Upload No. 2

Some more pics of Carronade 2011 - again in no particular order or preference

South East Scotland Wargames Club - "The Battle of Guildford Courthouse" - (28mm American War of Independence)

Xyston "Urban Mammoth" - 28m Sci Fi

East Kilbride Wargames Club - EWC (28mm)

South East Scotland Wargames Club - "This Pesky Italians" (28mm Renaissance)

Tynside Wargames Club - "The Battle of Ligny 1815" (6mm Napoleonic)

RAF Leuchars - "The Great Escape" (20mm)

The Iron Brigade "The Relief of Hapibutpur" (28mm Indian Mutiny)-
This was, in my opinion, the best table of the show - haven't seen the actual announcements as to who won what Best Display Table but this must have been one of the Contenders-

League of Augsburg - "The Battle of Borodino 1812" (28mm Napoleonic)

Durham Wargames Group - "Operation Luttich" (20mm WW2)

Gourock Wargames Association - "Forcing the Dardenelles" (1/6000 WW1 Naval)

The Independent Wargames Brigade "The Ordos Battles 126bc to 123bc! (15mm Ancients)

Blue Bears - "The Man From Delmonte he say "Bombs Away!" (1/300 WW2 Air)

Livingston Wargames Club - Flagship

Glasgow Wargames Club - Full Thrust

Inverness Roleplaying and Wargames Club - Federation Commander

Society of Ancients Scotland - The Battle of Kadesh

I'll post my thoughts on the show tomorrow


  1. Great pictures but that The Great Escape game looked particularly brilliant.

  2. Wow !! Nice pictures !! Thanks for share

  3. Looks like a great show. Thx for sharing.

  4. Glad the Pics of the Blues Bears game showed the planes not us. The kids loved it which was the whole idea, we originally intended to run this game at just this show but it went down so well we are thinking about keeping it for a few more shows