Saturday, 23 April 2011

White Dwarf - May 2011 Issue

Well with the long awaited release of the Tomb Kings Army book due on 7th May, they get the full White Dwarf treatment this month.

With cover art by honorary Kirriemuir Wargames Club member, Dave Gallagher, the issue launches straight into it's review of the new releases for Tomb Kings (TK) with the article "Sand and Stone" in which author of the Army Book, Robin Cruddace, talks about the book and the changes that have been made to the Army for 8th Edition. Mark Harrison and Mike Anderson also chip in with their comments on the new models that they have designed for the TK. The monstrous Khemerian Warsphinx/ Necrosphinx are really impressive models, and as appears to be the norm nowadays for GW, they are packing their new releases with a load of extra bits which will help vary the look of the models. No announcement though, of a new Skeleton warriors kit being released so it looks like the old heavy boned Skeles of the now, quite old kit will continue.

There a couple of sneak peaks of some of the pages from the new Army Book and a comment that it contains "loads of new colour art". As expected the Army Book follows the lead set by the Orc & Goblin Army book by being hardback cover and full colour. I've ordered mine, so I will let you have my thoughts, Dear Reader, on it in due course.

"Illuminations" previews some of the artwork to be used in the Army Book and "Modelling Workshop" focuses on creating terrain for a Nehekhara battlefield including some awesome conversions of the Temple of Skulls kit.

This months Battle Report features the TK taking on the High Elves in "The Valley of the Dead". The 'Eavy Metal article features the team's work on the the TK, including, obviously, the new kits. The detail on the Necrosphinx does look pretty incredible.

And the Army Workshop has Duncan Rhodes talking about his own TK Army in "The Rise of the Crimson King". I know the TK's have a strong Ancient Egyptian theme and gold and blue feature quite heavily in the usual GW painted models (but I must admit I'm not overly fond of it), but Duncan has gone for a totally different paint scheme with the result that the picture of his Warsphinx, in my opinion, is definitely "Wow!!".

With all this TK goodness, there isn't much room for much else in the mag. Jervis muses about the possibility of being marooned on a Desert Island and having to pick 8 Citadel Miniatures that are important to him due to them to being released at important times in his life.

The Grey Knights get 3 new Battle Missions with "Destroy the Daemonvessel", "Acceptable Losses" and "Fatal Quarantine", and Jeremy Vetock has a look of the ecology of Orc and Goblin Tribes.

Jes Goodwin's model of Eldrad Ulthran gets nominated for the Citadel Hall of Fame, but alas there is nothing for Lord of the Rings players in the month's mag :-(

So if you are a Tomb Kings player there is plenty to look forward to in this issue and other Warhammer players will no doubt find the issue relatively useful as well. 40K players can look forward to next month's issue with more Dark Eldar releases due.

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  1. I still buy the magazine but I don't play any of their games but I do use their rules.