Thursday, 21 April 2011

NEWSFLASH!!!! - Kingsleypark's Wargaming Menagerie receives 10'000th Page View!!!

Worldwide Wargaming News reports that the obscure and slightly irrelevant Blog Page "Kingsleypark's Wargaming Menagerie" received it's 10'000th page view at approximately  11.10 GMT today. The news was greeted with wild hysteria as fans of the Blog gathered outside Kingsleypark Manor to celebrate this momentous occasion.

WWN'S roving reporter Richard Head was sent to interview Mr Kingsleypark to discuss this quite unexpected event. Mr K is notoriously camera shy so our media team have been able to find a picture of someone who looks remarkably similar to Mr K -

Richard - "So Mr Kingsleypark, what has happened to bring about this rather incredible and probably unjustified number of page views?"

Mr K - "Eh, I don't know. I was looking at the page view counter on my Blogger Dashboard and it happened  - up came 10,000 page views. I was dumbfounded."

Richard - "But surely, this has just come about as a result of your mum, visiting your page a 100 times an hour?"

Not Kingsleypark's Mum

Mr K - "Well no. I don't think my mum knows what a Blog is, let alone visit mine."

Richard - "So it must be the guys at Kirriemuir Wargames Club who have inflated your viewing figures?"

Mr K - "Well the guys at KWC were certainly responsible for encouraging me to start these ramblings but then again they can hear me going on in person, without coming to the Blog to read about them. No, I've been very lucky to have people viewing from far flung places such as Australia and New Zealand, Brazil and China, the United States, India, even Iran!"

Richard - "But surely you haven't got that much interesting to say?"

Mr K - "I must admit, I didn't know if people would be interested in what I posted here. But then, I posted a couple of reviews of some of the figures released by The Plastic Soldier Company Limited and did a pretty basic review of GW's Orc and Goblin Army Book that has been released for Warhammer 8th Edition and people then started to view the Blog more regularly."

Richard - "And is that extent of your ramblings on the Blog?"

Mr K - "Well no Richard, clearly you haven't done your research very well before coming down here. I've also blogged about my introduction to the Hobby, spoken about White Dwarf Magazine, reviewed some of my favourite Boardgames, recounted some Battle Reports and about the figures that I have painted to name a few of the topics."

Richard - "Painting Figures? Are you any good?"

Mr K - "Well, I'd say average - I'm not going to win any painting competitions, but I'm happy with what I produce. Whereas CarloAnonio at the Military Miniatures Blog - now he's an excellent painter, fantastic looking figures, really top drawer stuff!"

Richard - "So anything planned for the Blog in the near future?"

Mr K - "Well, the new Russian Heavy Support Weapons pack from The Plastic Soldier Company Limited has just been released, so I've ordered them and will hopefully post my thoughts on these very soon. If I get someone to sit down with me and run through a game using the new Hail Caesar rules from Warlord Games I will try and post about that as well. Also, I've started a thread of posts on the Blog entitled "Favourite Units of Mine" whereby I take a look at some of the toys that I have played with throughout my gaming years. I just posted No. 6 and with the number of figures I have collected over the years I can probably get to No.1217..."

Richard - "Ah yes, all sounds very dull. So is Blogger the only place that your blog can be found on?"

Mr K - "Well I do link my blog through such great web sites, such as The TMP Message Boards, TGN's Blog Network, The Wargaming Tradecraft Network and also occasionally link to it on BoardGameGeek"

Richard - "Bloomin heck! Are you intent on dominating the Blogging Community?"

Mr K- "No, No! Not at all! Although, I admit that when I first started I had only intended Blogging very occasionally, but nowadays I try and do it every day. It does get a bit addictive but my Doctor says that if I can continue taking the pills, I should pull through."

Richard - "So obviously, this number of pageviews has not been as a result of your own paltry efforts, so surely there must some people you should give credit to or are you going to claim all the glory for yourself?"

Mr K - "Of course not!! Obviously, I would like to thank each and every person who has taken the time to visit the blog and especially all those who have left comments. And although there are far too many people to thank individually, I would especially like to single out the following Bloggers for their continued support of the Blog -

Ray Rousell of Don't Throw a 1. Ray was the first non non-KWC follower, so I dedicate the following to him-

Fran of The Angry Lurker, always there with a encouraging comment, I dedicate this picture -

Paul of Paul's Bods who is keeping alive the magic of Plastic Figs, I dedicate this -

To Dan of Gunners Wargaming who is currently working on some awesome Terminator conversions, I dedicate this picture -

Paul of Napoleonics in Miniature who posts some fantastic pictures of Napoleonic figures and games, I dedicate this picture -

Richard - "ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!"

Mr K - "You know Richard, you really should be called Dick".

Honestly folks, a really big thank you to everyone who has visited the Blog. Hopefully, I will continue to put up something of interest and that you will continue to come back on a regular basis.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Am I 10,001??????????????????????????????????

  2. It's on every channel here in The Netherlands as well. Congrats and a fantastic post...

  3. Thanks Mate!!!! The whole post made me laugh...brilliant!!! An excellent "acceptance" speech if ever there was one :-D :-D
    I´m going to have that Bod pic and bung it up on my blog....great one :-D
    Paul (still laughing!! :-D )

  4. Congratulations my friend! You have a great blog !!!

    Carlo Antonio

  5. Very good and very funny post, thanks for the Pammie image and obviously congratulations on a great blog, Ray doesn't deserve that bacon.

  6. LOL, Top stuff KP and thanks for the mention!
    Congratulations on breaking 10,000. Keep the cool reports coming!!!

  7. Thanks guys for all the comments - I admit I'm a wee bit chuffed to get past that landmark.

    Still some way to go before I catch up with Fran's total though :-)

    Next goal - 50 Followers!!!

  8. LOL!!! great post and congratz on the 10k, you'll soon double that! And thanks for the bacon too, it was delicious!!! (smacking his lips)

  9. Marvellous post. The only acceptance speech I've enjoyed all year! Congratulations... although I can't decide whether Fran's picture or Ray's was better!