Monday, 18 April 2011

"I've Got Mine, Have You Got Yours?" - Hail Caesar

Well I didn't get to Salute - it's a long way from Arbroath to London, but maybe next year.

Plenty of good blogs to read about it though - Ray Rousell's Don't Throw a 1 , Fran's The Angry Lurker and Sidney Roundwood's Roundwood's World to name but a few. But what I did do was pre-order Hail Caesar from Warlord Games and so it duly arrived at Kingsleypark Manor today!

As with Black Powder, this is a beautifully produced book - but then at £30 it's the least a discerning Wargamer has come to expect from Rules Publishers. 188 pages and 4 pages of Quick Reference sheets, all in full colour, with lots of stunning illustrations and pictures of fabulously painted miniatures.

I obviously can't give you a summary of the rules at this stage - I can't read that quickly! And it will probably be a wee while before I see the rules in action but hopefully the Foreword to the Rules will give a flavour what they are all about -

Click on the Picture Dear Reader and that way you won't strain your eyes!!

And as I had ordered direct from Warlord I got my copy of their Pin Up Boy -

Titus Aduxas

I did wonder, when they first announced the release of the model, if they were going to follow the trend set by the name they gave the Highlander released with Black Powder - namely "Big Willie" but they obviously resisted the temptation to call him "Biggus Dickus" - presumably they didn't want to run the risk of a Lawsuit from the Monty Python team.

I shall come back to you Dear Reader once I have delved further into the tome.


  1. No problem, thanks for the mention.

  2. I've heard a lot about the rules, but was unwilling to but another set of rules that will sit on my shelf going mouldy, so I'll look forward to your posts on the rules.
    Thanks for the link to my blog!!!