Friday, 18 March 2011

White Dwarf - April 2011 Issue

Well a pleasant surprise appeared in my letter box this morning - the April edition of White Dwarf. Wasn't expecting to see that until next week-end!

As the 40K fanboys will be aware, April sees the launch of the new Grey Knights codex along with, as is the norm from GW nowadays, a pile of new kits and special character models. I don't play 40K at all but even I am looking at the new Nemesis Dreadknight kit and going "WOW!!"

The Grey Knights are the protectors of the Imperium from the vile Daemons and this issue has an interview with the various figure designers responsible for the new kits and articles highlighting the abilities of the new forces coming to do the will of the Emperor.

The Battle Report this month focuses on a "Fight to the Death" scenario whereby the Grey Knights look to repel a Daemon incursion and the ensuing blood bath that follows. Loads of fab models to look at in the report - did I mention that the Nemsis Dreadknight is "WOW!"?

The 'Eavy Metal and Modelling Workshop sections also feature the Grey Knights. But just in case Marine players are starting to think there are no other Marine Chapter in the Imperium, the Army Workshop features the infamous "Flesh Tearers" Chapter.

Even if you don't play 40K the eye candy is plentiful this issue, with pictures of the Golden Demon winning entries from 2010 Games Day. The winner of the Warhammer Monster category is quite frankly awesome - well done Maxim Penaud!

Jeremy Vetock makes sure that Orc & Goblin players get some more attention with a retelling of some of the more notable Waaaghs! that have been inflicted on the citizens of the Old World.

And Simon Grant has some ideas for War of the Ring players on the question of including Allies in your WotR army.

Jervis in his Standard Bearer musings talks about "Murdering his darlings" - no he is not contemplating vile acts against members of his family - you'll need to read it and see what on earth he is on about!

And as a teaser for Warhammer Players.........

By the way, just in case you didn't know the Nemesis Dreadknight kit is "WOW!!"

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