Monday, 7 March 2011

Fighters of World War 1 App from Osprey

I got a wee bit excited when in the latest newsletter to arrive in my inbox from Osprey, they announced that for a limited period of time (ie a week) they were making their "Planes of World War 1" App free for download for iPhone (normally it's £1.79).

The link on the newsletter didn't work so I logged onto iTunes and a quick search found the relevant app and right enough - free for a week - so it was duly downloaded and....

Well let's just say I'm glad I didn't pay £1.79 for it.

It lists approx 100 planes that fought during the conflict from Fokker I, FE 2b through to Bristol F 2B's. You click on the plane you are interested in and you get a profile image of the fuselage of the plane, full colour but no wing detail. The only other page you can then navigate is to a cover shot of the relevant Osprey publication that the plane appears in and there is a link offering you to go to the Osprey web store to buy the book.

Soooo, for a free app it is relatively useful for colour schemes of the fuselage but limited giving it doesn't also provide the colour for the wing so get it now while it is still free because it ain't worth £1.79!!!

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  1. I too own this app and while it is good for some color schemes it really isn't worth it.