Monday, 28 February 2011

White Dwarf - March 2011 Issue

Well the cover says it all!

As anyone that hasn't been living on Mars in the last month or so will be aware, March will see the release of the new Warhammer Army book for Orcs and Goblins - the first  army book to be released since 8th Edition came out last July. The various Warhammer forums have been a buzz with rumours and sneak peaks of some of the new models and this issue of WD sets the scene for the official release date of the new book on 5th March. My copy is on preorder as is a set of the Orc Magic cards - these sets seem to sell out really quickly and I have managed to get a set of all the cards released so far.

I have to say the new Arachnarok Spider kit looks totally awesome but I'm not so enamoured with the new Savage Orc warriors and Boar riders - (maybe that's just the prejudice coming out in me as I play Dwarfs in Warhammer).

50 odd pages are devoted to the Orcs and Gobboes in this issue, with an interview with the team behind the new army book (a hardback book for the first time), a 3 way campaign involving Goblins, Skaven and Dwarves, a battle report (in which the Orcs actually lose - something of a first for battle reports involving a newly released army - usually the reports like to show off the new army and have them winning the battle convincingly, although there have been a few ties in recent reports), a 'Eavy Metal gallery and workshop on how to paint the new models.

The rest of the issue had more info on the Dark Eldar and Blood Angels and even War of the Ring gets some love with a campaign based around the White Council's attempts to remove the Necromancer (Sauron) from his Dol Guldur fortress in Mirkwood - shades of the campaign featured in the Fall of The Necromancer book GW produced for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game but here it has been sized up for WotR. And Jervis has some words of wisdom on the relationship between gamers and their dice. Have a read and see if you can spot yourself in one of the descriptions!

So lots of eye candy as you would expect from WD - I know it's not everybody's cup of tea and definitely one for the GW fanboys but if you are an Orc and Goblin player "Warhammer is coming Home!!"

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