Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mr Motivator - Where Art thou??

Okay, I don't really know if Mr Motivator plays any form of Wargames so why, I hear you ask Dear Reader, is he fronting this post???

Well, Mr M, was well known for his appearances back in the '90's on daytime TV, trying to get the nation fit with his mad aerobic routines. I don't know if he is still on the telly but for a guy of nearly 60, he doesn't look in too bad shape. But he had a routine to try and get the couch potatoes motivated and get off their backsides. And that Dear Reader, is something I am seriously lacking on the painting front just now - motivation!

The hoped for finishing of the HMG and mortar teams did not happen as I had hoped for in my last blog. Okay, I hadn't been feeling particularly great all week, but given I had the house to myself, I had the ideal opportunity to get some serious painting done - but I couldn't be ars*d.

I had hit the wall that I suspect many gamers hit when they are trying to paint their toys. It's usually a combination of things, knackered after a tiring and stressful day at work, downbeat at the sight of the lead/ plastic pile in front of me and also a realisation of "When am I actually going to get a chance to play with these toys? So is there any point???" It's a sad admission that since the New Year that other than a couple of games of Bloodbowl, I've only had one other face to face table top game and that reality does tend to get you down.

Which is in itself frustrating and self-defeating because, when I am painting, I actually quite enjoy it and listening to the podcasts that I subscribe to, the guys talking about their various painting projects can themselves give motivation to be productive. But it's getting over that mental hurdle to sit down at the painting table and get going.

Ah well, maybe I should download a Mr M video on YouTube and see if that does the trick.......

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  1. Walls are quite common Dave, myself, I havent painted a thing this week, but I have downloaded Chain Reaction 3 and thats sorta boosted interest in 28mm Street Violence type figs. So............. long story short, time to get some of the Nuns painted.