Sunday, 20 February 2011

I Spoke too Soon.......

Well, well, well.

Avid readers of these ramblings will recall my comments in "A Question of Scale" about Valiant Miniatures  not producing any new sets of figures for ages.

So what have they gone and done? Released some metal Limited Edition 1/72nd scale British Paras, namely, HQ group, rifle group and support weapons group.

2 points immediately leap out - first, they are British Paras and as such conjures up images of re-fighting the daring but ultimately futile Market-Garden campaign. I first read Cornelius Ryan's "A Bridge too Far" over 30 years ago and was one of the first in the queue at the local cinema when the film was released in 1977.

Second, the words "limited edition". So how long they will be available?

Much as I would like to think Colin Rumford has been reading my blog and decided to remedy my quandary about whether to stick with the Valiant figs that I have already purchased by releasing these figs, clearly he has been working away on some figures for the range for sometime. Although there are no pics of the Paras on the Valiant site, he has posted a shot of a work in progress on a German Infantry wagon set. Very unusual topic, but as all students of German forces in WW2 will know, the Germans relied heavily on horse transport.

The work in progress German Infantry Wagon set from Valiant Miniatures (Copyright © 2007-2011 Colin Rumford)

The other point is that these figs are metal, so it will be interesting to see how well they scale up against their plastic brethern. I've ordered a rifle group meantime to see for myself so fear not dear reader I will post pics once they arrive.

Also noticed that the Valiant range now seems to be owned outright by Colin Rumford. Presumably Julian Blakeney-Edwards is concentrating on his Victrix range of figures and has come out of the Valiant altogether. Perhaps this means more Valiant goodies to come soon??

I will keep you posted dear reader.

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